Frequently asked Questions

Is it 100% juice?

Yes, The juices are 100% mixture of ginger and citrus as well as ginger and pineapple

What health benefits can I derive from ginger and fruit juice?

Everything good is found in a ginger . ginger has multiple therapeutic properties that prevent anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation.  It has antioxidant properties which help in purifying the body. Also, it has important vitamins such as vitamin C that boosts the immune system and help against diseases such as heart problems and other related problems.

How can I make an order?

Kindly send a mail to and you can make your order.

What's in Pamm Beverages?

A water based flavoured drink with fruit sugars and sweetener, fruit juices & Australian ginger root puree

How much Sugar?

Pamm Beverages contain less than 5% of sugar

What type of sweetener in Pamm beverages?

Sweetener from stevia leaf

How many Pamm Beverages flavours?

2 Pamm Beverages flavoured – Pamm ginger & citrus ,  Pamm ginger & Pineapple

Who makes Pamm Beverages?

Pamm Beverages are sourced from approved company SALSA agent in UK